An Unforgettable Evening at Airbnb HQ

Please Note: This experience is only available to be bid upon at Grazing at the Kitchen Table on September 22, 2016.

Airbnb has partnered with Postrivoro, a coalition of global chefs set out to ‘jailbreak’ the fine dining experience by challenging typical conventions while honoring craft and product. We are excited to offer a set of 6 seats at the Postrivoro event, hosted in the SOMA-based Airbnb headquarters. Your seat secures you a tour of the renowned office space, including their state-of-the art kitchen. The main event will be a several-hour, multi-course meal prepared by the Airbnb & Postrivoro teams. Come ready for all kinds of surprises - squid ink-bases tattoos have been known to leave a trace on the skin of the luckier gastrofanatics.

The Airbnb + Postrivoro dinner will take place on Monday, 7 Nov 2016.

About the Postrivoro Chefs: 

Semi Hakim worked for various food organizations within Turkey and Europe, including Sergi Arola (Madrid),  RoMartkhalle Neun (Berlin) to Slow Food (Istanbul). Mainly working for food culture and food event projects, he's now focusing on food innovation with his organization, Kök Projekt.

August Lill was born and raised in Skåne and was working in this region (Smak, Johannas Skafferi, Belle Époque) for several years until he left for France to cook at Les trois Salons in Uzès. The past five years he has been living and cooking in Paris at several restaurants like La Gazzetta, Frenchie and Roseval. Recently, he and his partner Vincent Privat has been organising different cooking events under name of Poulet Noir, and are currently working on opening a restaurant in Paris 2017.