It's an exciting time for Kitchen Table Advisors as we get ready to welcome 15 new client farmers this winter!

Specialty Japanese vegetables at Hikari Farm, Watsonville

Specialty Japanese vegetables at Hikari Farm, Watsonville

We have spent the past three months meeting with some amazing and talented growers and ranchers throughout Northern California and are so thrilled to introduce our next cohort of clients who are ready and excited to take this next step with us in growing thriving, sustainable farm businesses.

Our Executive Director, Anthony Chang, and Farm Business Advisor, David Mancera, recently shared with us what they’re most excited about with this new group of 15 farms.

For David, he is most inspired by the resiliency that each of our new clients have demonstrated as they build their farms.

“These farmers represent the next generation of changemakers. They have so much drive and integrity in their work. They are critical community members who are not only growing delicious and healthy food, but also educating us about the choices we as eaters can make, and stewarding the land in forward-thinking ways that will nourish and improve the land for future generations.”
Heirloom Tomatoes from Oya Organics at the Mountain View Farmers' Market

Heirloom Tomatoes from Oya Organics at the Mountain View Farmers' Market

Our Founder and Executive Director, Anthony, shared that he is proud of the diversity of our incoming cohort, as this reflects the changing landscape of the current generation of farmers who are nurturing our communities.

“When you look out at who is farming and growing the food, it’s amazing to see the diversity in our food system. We are really excited that 50% of this cohort are women, 40% of our farmers are Latino, and 2 of our incoming clients are LGBT.

And it’s exciting to see the breadth of their farming, and where in the Bay Area they are rooted. We have farmers and ranchers from Petaluma down the coast to Pescadero and further south to Watsonville who are growing organic vegetables, raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork and poultry, and even dairy! It truly represents the full bounty of what our region can support.”

And of course, it’s also about the amazing food they are growing. Our team weighed in on some of the products we’re really excited about and hope you’ll check it out and see and taste for yourself all this deliciousness.

...delicious Oya Organics organic heirloom tomatoes at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market…

...pastured heirloom turkeys from Root Down Farm that you can pick up from their farm in Pescadero… edamame, Japanese cucumbers and wasabi arugula from Hikari Farm that you can find at Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco as well as Nijiya and Mitsuwa in the South Bay…

...tender grass-fed steak from True Grass Farms that you can find at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market (try it grilled and sliced with a blueberry sauce!)...   

Through the whole process of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting our 15 farms, David and Anthony were impressed by the number of talented, driven, and passionate farmers who are helping to build a vibrant and thriving food system. We wish we could have said yes to so many more than the 15 new clients listed below and look forward to growing our efforts to reach more farmers in the coming years.


Our 2016 Client Cohort

  • Acevedo Organic Farm, Gerardo Acevedo, Salinas
  • Beet Generation, Libby Batzel, Sebastopol
  • Bramble Tail Homestead, Aubrie Maze & Scott Kelley, Penngrove
  • Garcia Brother Farm, Octavio Garcia, Salinas
  • Ground Stew Farms, Sergio Jiminez, Watsonville
  • Happy Acre Farm, Matthew Sylvester and Helena Tuman, Sunol
  • Hikari Farm, Janet Nagamine, Watsonville
  • JSM Organics, Javier Zamora, Watsonville
  • Magaña Farm, Bertha Magaña, Watsonville
  • Markegard Family Grass-Fed, Eric and Doniga Markegard, Pescadero
  • Oya Organics, Marsha Habib, Hollister
  • Rancho Las Palmas, Rigoberto Cruz and Ramon Rios
  • Root Down Farm, Dede Boies, Pescadero
  • Skyelark Ranch, Alexis Robertson, Capay Valley
  • True Grass Farms, Guido Frosini, Valley Ford

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