Shivani Ganguly

This is a guest post by Shivani Ganguly of Bom Dia Market, a neighborhood corner market in the outer Noe Valley.

I have been involved with Kitchen Table Advisors as a volunteer and corporate partner for about a year. Kitchen Table Advisors initially attracted me because it is at the intersection of business, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. The team, and the work they do with farmers, continues to inspire me as a champion and corporate partner because of my new venture. As the proprietor of Bom Dia Market, I experience first hand the challenges of finding and working with small farmers and food producers.

At Bom Dia, our mission is to provide delicious, ethically produced food, health, and home products. We support local producers, but we also need to meet the desires of our neighbors to be successful. And walking this line between personal ethics and meeting consumer needs is challenging.

When it comes to produce, we do it by working primarily with organizations like F.E.E.D. Sonoma, which aggregates produce from a variety of farms in Sonoma and delivers to markets and restauranteurs in San Francisco. This helps to address one of the biggest logistical challenges for farmers: getting their products to consumers. We supplement with organic produce from farmers markets, and even go further afield for customer favorites we can’t get in California in the wintertime, like bananas and avocados. This allows us to promote organic, local food in a convenient, walkable, small footprint without turning away customers who really want that banana.

This experience navigating the supply chain in the Bay Area has increased my dedication to Kitchen Table Advisors mission of empowering farmers to create thriving, sustainable farms.

We are pleased to announce that Kitchen Table Advisors will be Bom Dia Market's sponsored nonprofit for the month of February! We will receive bag donations as well as proceeds from the sale of prepared foods on Sunday afternoon, February 22nd. Stop in for some delicious organic food and support your local farmers in the process! 

AuthorShivani Ganguly