This year, the New Belgium Family Foundation signed on as a major sponsor of our work helping sustainable farms to become sustainable businesses. Lucy Cantwell, the Executive Director of the Foundation, shared some details with us about the Foundation’s history, strategy, and vision that highlight its alignment with our mission.

Lucy Cantwell of the New Belgium Family Foundation. 

Lucy Cantwell of the New Belgium Family Foundation. 

The Foundation was created in 2012 as part of New Belgium’s efforts toward thoughtful corporate governance, environmental stewardship, and considerations for the communities in which they work. It engages in investing, philanthropy, and advocacy in Colorado, the Bay Area, and around the Puget Sound, with a focus on renewable energy, youth engagement, and strengthening local food systems. 

We believe that the recent ascendance of the food movement is impressive, but the movement must broaden its constituency if it is to have any hope of effecting meaningful, long-term change. As such, we support organizations like Kitchen Table Advisors that work to strengthen a diverse group of stakeholders as a way of strengthening the local food system overall.

Lucy described that the Foundation “seeks to honor the regenerative potential of business,” which aligns ideally with Kitchen Table Advisors’ work to support farmers in becoming economically sustainable. The farmers we work with have a tremendous influence on the environment and their communities, and by supporting them in their work we strive to create a stronger local food economy. 

We believe that business can be a powerful tool for good and indeed that in many cases, a thoughtful and successful triple bottom line business offers the best opportunity for scaleable, lasting change. We also believe that running a thoughtful and successful triple bottom line business is more accessible than many people believe.
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