The beauty about the upcoming Grazing at the Kitchen Table fundraiser is the sense of community it creates for everyone involved. And it’s obvious that the farmer-chef collaboration is a rewarding aspect for Rigo Bucio of Bucio Organic Farm and Joyce Conway of Zero Zero in San Francisco.

Joyce has always enjoyed cooking for farmers who supply them with ingredients. “We invited our farmers from the Ferry Building and Civic Center to Zero Zero, and I served them dishes showcasing their produce using different techniques. They were ecstatic to see how we were using their food. They take pride in their food and what it is doing for us. It’s an amazing cycle,” she says. Rigo echoes the sentiment by sharing his own experience: “We had a chef prepared lunch for a group of people who came to visit our farm. It was very satisfying to see people enjoying the meal, and seeing our produce prepared in different ways.”

Joyce is excited to be making strawberry panna cotta for the fundraiser using fresh strawberries from Rigo’s farm.

How does local food inspire you?
I appreciate the fact that we have access to the freshest, least processed food. I like that people here are closer to nature.
Joyce: Local food is really about sustainability. We have a responsibility to maintain the earth. We want to give back to the people that are closest to us rather than outsourcing from other places.

Joyce, what’s the one question you’ve always wanted to ask a farmer?
How are your farming practices maintaining the earth?
Rigo: I take care of the soil by growing cover crops to enrich it and I minimize the use of outside additives. I don’t apply chemicals to the soil and use as little fertilizer as possible. When you take care of the soil and provide nutrients to it, you don’t have to add much to it later.

A good meal is…
The whole experience from walking through the door to amazing food with well-balanced flavors on the table.
Rigo: One that takes me back to my childhood. Nothing beats a freshly roasted chile, coffee with cinnamon and handmade tortillas with beans. 

Grazing at the Kitchen Table takes place from 6.30pm to 9.30pm on Thursday, October 1st, 2015 at Dogpatch WineWorks, San Francisco. Tickets are $200 and can be purchased here. Click here for more info and follow #GrazeAndGive2015 for updates!

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