Dede Boies began her career in agriculture because of a fierce love of animals, and a belief that animals deserve to live their best lives in return for nourishing us as food. Now she runs Root Down Farm, a farm located on 62-acres in beautiful, coastal Pescadero that raises pastured pigs and poultry with a focus on holistic practices that promote the health of both animal and soil. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are celebrating new mom Dede, and her vision for a world in which baby Eddy and you, her community, connect with the animals you eat. A world in which animals live happy and healthy lives.

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Dawn breaks over Root Down Farm, a 62 acre slice of agricultural heaven in Pescadero, the heart of California's Central Coast. Owner Dede Boies leases from Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), an organization that protects and cares for open space, farms and parkland in and around Silicon Valley.


Dede Boies wakes early to begin the work of caring for her animals. She started the farm five years ago with the goal of raising the healthiest animals possible, while working within her ecosystem to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health.


Dede squeezes in a cuddle with farm dog Oaty before putting on her boots and heading out onto the farm. Her love of animals shapes Root Down Farm's mission to invest in the health and happiness of her flocks.


Root Down Farm's chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs spend their days running and rooting around the farm, feasting on bugs, grubs & grass. Their diets are supplemented with organic vegetables, apples and non-GMO grain each morning.


Root Down Farm's sow, Betty, eagerly eats a breakfast of grains, after having given birth to piglets just one week before. Root Down Farm is bursting with new life this spring, including Dede's own newborn daughter, Eddy.


Dede has often heard that meat eaters couldn't possibly love animals. The way she sees it, though, is that her work honors her animals' lives and their nourishment of families like her own. "They live the best life possible before we get to eat them."


Root Down Farm grows and markets their own Delaware (heritage) and Red Ranger (hybrid) chickens, "old" breeds of poultry that grow at slow, healthy rates, reproduce naturally, thrive being active outside and, as a result, have better flavor.


Everyday is an adventure with a newborn. Dede and her wife Melissa are constantly learning how to balance farm demands with a growing family. They make a schedule each day with the knowledge that it's a constant evolution.


After taking care of farm tasks, Dede takes three-month old Eddy for a walk around the property to give Melissa a break from baby duty. She is thrilled to raise a child in this environment: surrounded by nature, eventually playing with the animals and (hopefully) getting dirty.


Another benefit of raising a child on a farm, and within a community passionate about food: Eddy will grow up eating very well.


Dede dedicates her life to raising animals that nourish other families. Now that she has her own child, eaters that invest in her small farm can in turn support Dede and Melissa in nourishing Eddy with good food.


Melissa bounces Eddy while Dede takes an order. While Melissa isn't directly involved in Root Down Farm, she is Dede's biggest champion and supporter.


Being a sole business owner can often be isolating, and sometimes it helps to have a thought partner outside the family. Another source of support is Kitchen Table Advisors. As Dede holds a sleeping Eddy, she and Farm Business Advisor Sarah Gearen review Root Down Farm's growth over the last year.


"We are respected, valued and supported by our greater community." Post-Its scrawled with Root down farm's values are a source of daily inspiration. Over the last couple years, Dede has learned to identify core values and where ideals need to be evaluated to support running a sustainable business.


After a long day of farm work, caring for a newborn and managing the operations of a small business, Dede, Melissa and Dede's father, Ed, relax in their living room for some cherished time with Eddy.


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The Markegards are a multi-generational ranching family pioneering regenerative practices and the force behind Markegard Family Grass-Fed. The Markegards steward over 8000 acres of land across the Bay Area, including the breathtaking ranch where they live in Pescadero, CA. Doniga and Erik, and their children, Leah, Larry, Quince and Quill raise healthy livestock and steward the land so our own families can eat well and future generations can live in a healthier world.


Photos and narrative by: Jonathan Fong