We activate participation in building healthier food systems by connecting the unique talents of all the people we work with to our network of farms.



A Kitchen Table Advisors champion helps connect us with people, opportunities, and audiences - by spreading the word about our work to help sustainable small farms become sustainable businesses. 

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Champion Profile: Alex Dang

By getting involved with Kitchen Table Advisors, you are improving our local economy and directly helping out the people who run businesses here. It’s not just about supporting fair trade in Guatemala, but also about supporting our growers here in Northern California to become successful businesses.

Alex is the ideal Kitchen Table Advisors champion. Whenever he comes across someone who shares our commitment to increasing the economic viability of small sustainable farms, you can be sure that Alex has shared our story and inspired them to become a part of our community! What is so wonderful about his effort to support our work is how natural it is for him to spread the word - as someone who is truly passionate about social enterprise and great food, Kitchen Table Advisors is filling a critical role in building a future he envisions.

Alex is constantly meeting interesting people, from his day job as a domestic microlender at Opportunity Fund to his volunteer work as a board member at Global Brigades, so there are always opportunities to engage new people in learning about our work. Talented individuals with event planning, social media savvy, or farm business management experiences are but a few of the numerous folks Alex has engaged - and transformed into Kitchen Table Advisors volunteers - simply by striking up a conversation!

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