Grow Change This Holiday Season


In 2017, you purchased 215 acres of land, creating an asset for your business and the potential to increase revenue by 30%. You began selling at CUESA’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, generating thousands of dollars in additional sales per week. You accessed your first business loan, which allowed you to purchase equipment and increase the operational efficiency of your business. All while surviving one of the most difficult growing seasons the Bay Area has seen of late.

Perhaps none of this sounds familiar to you. That’s because these are just a few of the many accomplishments Kitchen Table Advisors clients were able to achieve this year with your support.

Your food system, our food system, needs small farmers and ranchers like those we work with to steward the land, to make the industry more inclusive, to feed your family. And they deserve an opportunity to be those changemakers and entrepreneurs. You can give them that opportunity.

Your Role

There are so many ways that your donations have supported our clients, but we’ve distilled your impact into three areas, and will be sharing stories from our clients throughout the holiday season. Click the photos below to learn more about the farms and ranches you've impacted this year.

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Double Your Impact

Kitchen Table Advisors is committed to fostering trusted relationships. Relationships with you, our supporters, for example, and with companies that share our vision for a better world. Companies like Mamma Chia, a conscious and sustainable company that honors and uplifts both the soul of humanity and the soul of the planet.
This winter you have the opportunity to double your impact within this community through Mamma Chia’s Challenge Match: for every dollar you donate, Mamma Chia will match it with a donation of their own. Which means that your $100 donation instantly becomes a gift of $200 to support the economic viability of diverse farmers and ranchers. 


Mamma Chia is also offering you the chance to amplify your impact through our #WeGrowChange campaign. Every time you use the hashtag #WeGrowChange, Mamma Chia will donate $1 to Kitchen Table Advisors. Just like that!


Donate today to help build a more inclusive food community.


Thank you for your role in fueling the next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches.