Want more healthy, good food grown by your local sustainable small farms?

Make a gift to Kitchen Table Advisors on May 6th & Amplify Your Impact!

You can help support the people who grow the delicious food that feeds you and your family. A gift to Kitchen Table Advisors today ensures that farmers like Kevin and ShaeLynn of Early Bird Ranch, or Sarah and Aurelio of Fiesta Farm have access to the personalized business advising that will help their farms to thrive. 

We are excited to be participating in a unique day of philanthropy - Silicon Valley Gives. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of community foundations and the positive impact they have on the communities they serve, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has organized a 24-hour giving period where your dollar can be matched in support of Kitchen Table Advisors!

Schedule your gift today, or follow us on Facebook for updates on how you can amplify your impact the day of! 

You are now being re-directed to our Razoo campaign page where you can complete your donation. All donations to Kitchen Table Advisors are channeled through our fiscal sponsor, Trust for Conservation Innovation.  If you are not re-directed within 30 seconds, please click here to be taken directly to our Razoo page.