Feed Our Future This Holiday Season


We are living in a world of crisis- we see this in the land, across our country, in the way fear and anxiety have taken over our neighbors lives. But we believe that our clients are part of the solution, and that through your investment you are ensuring they can continue to be the leaders our future needs.

Amidst all the heartbreak of 2018, you stewarded over 17,000 acres of fire-vulnerable farm and grazing land throughout Northern California, while purchasing an additional 111 acres to be nurtured by you and yours for generations to come. You reached 30+ new market channels, nourishing new communities and infusing your businesses with thousands of dollars in additional revenue per week. You hired more than 25 new employees, not only nourishing local families but also your community’s financial resilience. You accessed over $1.5M to expand your capacity for ecological stewardship, increase your operational efficiencies and support your long-term land security.

This is the sort of change your investment in our clients creates.

We have witnessed policy and climate creating emergency situations in the blink of an eye. With each day we feel the growing sense of urgency with which we need to change the world. For the small, sustainable farmers and ranchers we work with, that sense of urgency is amplified. Each day has them reacting to the impacts of the environment, legislation, economy. What they need, and what we need, is the support to make sustainable, confident decisions that fuel their long-term success and their ability to lead our food system into a brighter future. Kitchen Table Advisors is prepared to give them that. And you can, too.

Your Role

There are so many ways that your investment has supported our clients, but we’ve distilled your impact into three areas, and will be sharing stories from our clients throughout this holiday season.


Increase Your Impact

This winter you have the opportunity to continue your support of these incredible farmers and ranchers. Every dollar funds Kitchen Table Advisors’ work, from the practical one-on-one business advising to all of the coaching and cheerleading it takes to support our clients growing their own families, stepping up as leaders, and grappling with the unexpected challenges of owning a small business. Together we can fuel their economic viability so they can feed our future.


Give today to invest in our food leaders.


Thank you for your role in fueling the next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches.


Photo credit (clockwise from top middle): Paige Green Photography, Fly Girl Farm, Daniella Sawaya, Jayson Carpenter Photography, Natalie Ngo Photography, Daniella Sawaya)