Invest in a food system that’s sweet for all

 I feel like I have someone behind me, helping me just in case I fall. Kitchen Table Advisors is there to lift me up.  

--Koy Saichow, Stony Point Strawberry Farm


Meet Stony Point Strawberry Farm

Koy Saichow grew up in a subsistence farming community in Thailand, where each season relatives, friends and neighbors would come together to harvest in their family’s vegetable and rice fields. When the Saichow family immigrated to the Bay Area in 1989, they brought along their values of self-sufficiency and generosity, and continued to grow Southeast Asian vegetables in their backyard for themselves and their neighbors. This powerful connection between food and community led her parents San and Muang back into farming, and in 2011, with Koy’s help, they opened Stony Point Strawberry Farm: a 10 acre organic farm located in beautiful sun-soaked Petaluma, specializing in, you guessed it, berries. Koy manages the business side of the farm while San and Muang focus their efforts on their passion: growing some of the best strawberries in Sonoma County.

Your Impact

Since Stony Point Strawberry Farm joined our program in 2018, your investment helped us provide the following support to Koy and her parents:

  • Navigate the application process to certify their organic farming practices, enabling them to sell into new markets and give customers piece of mind that they are truly farming with integrity.

  • Renew their lease (in partnership with California FarmLink) so they are not only able to continue stewarding the land and growing berries for their community, but can do so on farmland that is affordable and secure (a real asset in California!)

  • Set up a chart of accounts in Quickbooks to better understand their finances — where they spend money, their most profitable sales channels — including around their farm stand which is a critical channel through which they feed their community.

What’s Next for Stony Point Strawberry Farm?

Koy, San and Muang are just halfway through our business advising program, and in that time you’ve helped them reach incredible milestones. Here is what Stony Point, and the other farmers and ranchers we work with, can achieve with your continued support to Kitchen Table Advisors:

  • Regularly track and analyze their finances with tools such as Quickbooks, and begin to make more informed business decisions.

  • Access new sales channels and explore value-added products to increase their revenue and feed more people.

  • Use those same tools, and stronger business acumen, to forecast sales into the future.

Growing food is a life-long passion for San and Muang, rooted in tradition, and Koy wants to make sure Stony Point can cover all their financial needs for as long as they are physically able to continue farming and after they retire. And this is the reality for many of the 60 farms and ranches we serve.


Give today to support a future for farmers and ranchers that’s as sweet as Stony Point’s berries.


Thank you for your role in fueling the next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches.

Photos by Nicola Parisi