Sunday Morning at The Kitchen Table | September 15, 2013




On a Sunday morning in September, 70+ people passionate about healthy and sustainable food and from diverse backgrounds - farmers, engineers, financial advisors, non-profit professionals and more - gathered at Stable Cafe in San Francisco to join in our first "friendraiser".  Our goal was to connect people, tell part of the often untold story of the economics of sustainable small farms, and build community among people who share common values around good food and supporting local farms. Thank you to all of our current and new champions, volunteers, partners and donors for making this a rousing success!

Our featured speakers were Kevin Watt of Early Bird Ranch, a pastured poultry ranch in Pescadero, and Peter Do, one of our volunteers and champions. Kevin told the story of how he and his wife ShaeLynn are using innovative techniques to make sustainable and delicious food accessible to everyone, and how their community - including people like you in the Kitchen Table Advisors community - are critical to their success. And Peter told the unlikely story of finding his role - as an engineer by trade with no experience in farming or business advising - in how he could contribute to our work, and how we all have a role in building a healthier, sustainable food movement.

This event could not have happened without the support of a crew of wonderful volunteers. We send a warm thanks to Jayson Carpenter, Anita Dharapuram, Ed Vicedo, Danielle Yorko, Adrienne Pollack, Pei-Ru Ko, Alex Dang, Esther Park, Jered Lawson, Peter Holter, Meredith Bell, Geneva Hesner, Mollyane Meyn, Bailey Smith, Ben Lee and Peter Do.   

Thank you also to the generous people and businesses that provided the delicious food and space: Kate Baron, Robin Luu, Stable Cafe, Bi-Rite Market, NanaJoe's Granola.   


Kevin Watt, farmer, and Paige Phinney, staff   

Kevin Watt, farmer, and Paige Phinney, staff


Adrienne Pollack, intern, and Danielle Yorko, volunteer

Adrienne Pollack, intern, and Danielle Yorko, volunteer

Peter Do, volunteer and champion

Peter Do, volunteer and champion

“That sense of being in our community, in this very reliant sense of interdependence, has been all of our success. Every relationship... is probably the most important part of farming. Thank you for coming because it's this sort of energy and community that makes this kind of farming work.”

--Kevin Watt


"You can't help but notice that everyone came in with a big smile on their face."

--Danielle Yorko


“We can each make a contribution to supporting sustainable small farms and creating a healthier food system (beyond shopping at a farmers' market) by stepping up as a volunteer, champion and/or donor in support of the success of sustainable small farms.”

--Peter Do


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Would you love to help us bring Sunday Morning at the Kitchen Table to Silicon Valley?

We're looking for enthusiastic hosts to help us plan our next friendraiser. Please email Paige at paige "at" to bring the Kitchen Table to your community, and be a part of changing your food system.