Menu for the Evening of September 22, 2016

Menu for the Evening of September 22, 2016


Charred summer squash with ginger tomatoes and sorrel kefir

Gochujang crusted pork loin with shaved vegetable kimchi and plum jam

Roasted bell pepper spread with pickled fennel, spiced pinenuts, harissa greek yogurt on grilled seed bread

Colin Kull, Green Heart Foods


The Main Event

A farm egg stuffed with eggplant caponata, canario bean purée, fresh herb salad and sesame seeds

Rebecca Boice, Zuni Cafe


Braised Skyelark lamb with polenta

Chandler Diehl, Piccino


Butter Bean and Summer Squash Ceviche

Gabriela Cámara & Kenny Curran, Cala 


Heirloom tomatoes and basil on grilled bread

Laurence Jossel, Nopa


Mochiko chicken wings glazed in spicy tomato jam with beet bibim bap

Dennis Lee, Namu Gaji


Roasted kale and carrots with yogurt, rye and sunflower seed tahini

Cortney Burns & Nick Balla, Bar Tartine  


Skyelark Ranch Pressed Pork: rainbow chard, pot likker, wildcat harissa

Sophina Uong, Calavera


Smoked Markegard shanks, wheat berry "Hoppin’ John”, pimenton spiced yogurt, charred padron pepper relish

Aaron Thayer, Petit Crenn


Goat cheese custard, strawberries, corn shortbread,caramelized honey

Daniel Saravia, Piccino


Hazelnut praline devil's food cake

Lasheeda Perry, Bon Appetit at LinkedIn


Assorted Cookies

Three Babes Bakeshop


Chocolate Truffles

Alter Eco