Kitchen Table Advisors envisions a new generation of thriving small-scale, sustainable farms that produce healthy food and form the foundation of regional food systems. 


What Drives Us

There is a unique, and often untold, story about the hard economic realities of sustainable small farming. The choices we, as individual consumers or businesses, make have a tremendous impact on the success of these key members of our local food economy.

We are part of a greater movement building a stronger regional foodshed, where our hands-on work with farms and farmers complements the efforts of fellow nonprofits, businesses and entrepreneurs who share a similar passion.

We connect uniquely talented people to our network of farms to build healthier food systems. We lead through example. In order to achieve our mission, we are focused, people-centric, and responsive to the needs of our key stakeholders.


Who & How We Serve

We provide farmers with access to the tools, knowledge and resources they need on their path to become resilient and viable businesses. Through our business and financial advising, we help farmers build the foundation for a successful future.

We cultivate rich relationships with farmers who share our values of sustainability, integrity, and respect for the land and its inhabitants. And we stand alongside them to celebrate their personal and professional successes. 


Who We Are

Our crew is comprised of a diverse group of staff, volunteers, donors and champions who are committed to sharing their talents, leadership and knowledge with our farmers and community.

Our funders are partners and investors who share our vision for a vibrant and healthy local food economy where sustainable small farms flourish, and consumers are connected to the sources of their food. Together, we are creating diversified, balanced, and stable funding that enables us to best support our farms.


Kitchen Table Advisors was a finalist for the 2012 Bank of the West Innovation in Philanthropy Award, an award that helps non-profits continue their significant work within the community.

Our Story... about devoted farmers and their sustainable small farms. It's about their commitment to the hard work required to grow healthy food, to be good stewards of the land, and to respecting the lives they touch - from their employees to the families who eat their food.  

It's about hearing from dozens of bright, hard-working farmers who have honed their craft growing the quality food that we all deserve. Of their search to bring that food to us, through farmers markets or neighborhood grocery stores or CSAs - and the struggles they have in figuring out the business side of things. Of farmers having never built businesses before and not necessarily having access to the tools, knowledge and resources they need to build viable ones.

It's about hearing the same story, one filled with opportunities and challenges, over and over again. Of seeing the potential of small farms to help change the world for the better and how important they are to our shared vision of a healthier local food economy. 

It's about not necessarily wanting to start something new - but rather, playing a supporting role in a system that already exists. Of hearing of a need, through dialogue with farmers, nonprofits, and businesses that make up and support the food system, for tailored, 1 on 1 business support for small farms.

It's about the respect and appreciation we have for the efforts of multitudes of farmers who are keeping these small sustainable farms in our lives.  Of giving back to those who give to us, finding ways to address that need, and playing our role. 


Our story is about people and communities. It's about meeting Sarah Lopez from Fiesta Farm at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market and hearing about the challenges she faced in running a farming business. Of seeing the blank stares and hearing the curiosity in the crowd at the EcoFarm Conference as Darryl Wong from Freewheelin' Farm spoke about Quickbooks, crop enterprise budgeting, and using financial data to run farms. Of hearing about the ups and downs of running a values-based business from a successful farm entrepreneur like Alexis Koefoed from Soul Food Farms, and of how few people she could connect with to discuss the business of farming.

It's about the humbling and inspiring generosity of people who share the same values, believe in the power of business to make social change, and have the courage to provide seed funding to make this all happen. 

It's about finding others who want to share their time, talents, and expertise. Of people who provide the critical resources and knowledge to make it possible for us to do this work. Of the volunteers who built this website, who wrote grant proposals, and who help us contribute to our community everyday through social media. Of our champions, who are connecting us to funding opportunities and like-minded folks who want to play a role in the community. Of the advisors who share lessons learned from starting and building businesses and nonprofits, who have helped shape our strategy, and lend credibility to this idea. 

It's about finding partners in our community with courage, conviction, and commitment. Of organizations like our fiscal sponsor, Trust for Conservation Innovation, who provide critical support for fledgling nonprofits so they can focus on mission, impact, program and building a sustainable organization. Of groups like RSF Social Finance, Clif Bar, Bank of the West, and the Gaia Fund, who provide not just grants but invaluable capacity support. Of finding people like Sallie Calhoun, who have the strength of belief to fund an idea they believe in. 


Our story is about each of us having an opportunity to contribute, wanting to make a difference, and believing in being able to craft a better system. It's about a collective effort, about building a movement, about fulfilling our roles. It's about farmers, about businesses, about consumers. It's about our community.