We lead through example. In order to achieve our mission, we are focused, people-centric, and responsive to the needs of our key stakeholders. 


Anthony Chang
Founder and Executive Director

What matters most to him is relationships and community. His favorite part of the week is walking down the street with his toddler Austin to the Mountain View farmers' market where Rosa at Rodriguez Farms, Edgar at Rio de Parras Organic Farm, Toby at Far West Fungi and other farmers know Austin by name. As a family, they are building relationships with the people who take such great care to grow their food and be good stewards of the land.

Anthony has been around entrepreneurship and has helped people his whole life. The son of an immigrant small business owner who led PTA fundraisers, he discovered social enterprise while in college at UC Berkeley when he worked for a non-profit that trained low-income youth in technology by having them run a web design and database management business. Anthony then spent 10+ years helping underserved small businesses at Opportunity Fund, the largest non-profit microlender in California, and California FarmLink, a nationally recognized farm microlender.

Anthony was originally inspired by the not uncommon path of shopping at farmers' markets, reading Omnivore's Dilemma and watching Food Inc., starting a community garden with his kids, and volunteering on the board of a farmers' market. The turning point to dedicating his work life to supporting sustainable small farms came when one of Anthony's favorite farmers' market vendors shut down their ranch despite a loyal customer base and seemingly popular business. A deep appreciation for the inspiring commitment of farmers and a curiosity about the economics of farming led to a passion for investing in the economic viability of sustainable small farms.


Paige Phinney
Associate Director

Paige’s work in sustainable food and farming began in college when she met a goat for the first time.  Disheartened that it had taken 20 years to have the joy of making one's acquaintance, she became passionate about connecting people of all ages to food and nature, and to finding our place in between. 

She received her degree in Environmental Education and Communications, and began teaching outdoor agricultural education, which brought her to Slide Ranch, an educational ranch in Muir Beach, California. There, she gained a strong appreciation and respect for the hard work farmers do everyday to bring food to our tables. From there, Paige managed volunteers and served as the liaison between member producers and Marin Organic, a non-profit dedicated to making organic farming economically viable for farmers in Marin County.   

All the while, inspired and emboldened by Bioneers conferences, stories of everyday farming life, permaculture training, and many hours in her garden, Paige dreamed of having her own farm. But a summer working in the fields at a Bolinas farm made her realize she might be more effective playing “office.”  So she joined the ranks of a startup CSA in Petaluma as the Operations Manager. Over two and half years, she helped the farm grow from 150 to almost 1000 members. A weeklong seminar, called Ranching for Profit, introduced her to other ranchers whose eagerness for change reminded her of why she loved working with the broader community. Joining Kitchen Table Advisors is a natural fit for Paige's experiences, and she is excited to support farmers in finding a lasting way to shape a healthy food system for our future.

 Photo Credit: Aurora Meneghello Productions

Photo Credit: Aurora Meneghello Productions

Pei-Yee Woo Somers
Associate Director

At an early age, Pei-Yee discovered the joys of creating food - making mud pies in the backyard was her favorite past time! Being raised in a family of teachers, however, Pei-Yee set her focus on becoming an educator. After graduation, she took an internship in with NatureBridge, a national leader in environmental education. What began as a six-month stint evolved into a fulfilling decade of teaching, program development for high school youth & adults, and fundraising for the organization. From NatureBridge, she headed down the coast to join the team at Pie Ranch, an educational nonprofit farm. She served as their Director of Operations and helped build the organizational infrastructure, and often took advantage of the occasional farm task to escape the office! 

In 2009, Pei-Yee decided it was time to pursue her love of food. She attended pastry school and started her own pastry company, Dulcinea Bakeshop, that specializes in sustainable sweets for all of life's occasions. Over the years, she not only developed relationships with local farmers to source the best possible ingredients for her desserts, but also discovered the joys and challenges of being a young business and the importance of having key advisors and mentors to help her along the way. 

Working with Kitchen Table Advisors enables Pei-Yee to bring together all of these life experiences - entrepreneurship, sustainable food, nonprofit management and education - to help strengthen our local food system. And as a mother of a little toddler with another wee one on the way, it is personally rewarding for Pei-Yee to know that through her day job is to build a healthier food system that will nourish and support her growing family.