Through our business and financial advising, we are helping farmers build the infrastructure that will see them well into their future. 


Volunteering your time to support our farms' in becoming sustainable businesses is an amazing gift. We are always on the lookout for Capacity Builders, who help Kitchen Table Advisors by strengthening our ability to deliver services, engage community, and spread our message and for Farm Advisors - experienced professionals who directly share a set of specific skills, like accounting, law, or marketing, that farmers often need but may not have access to. 

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Volunteer Profile: Alexis Koefoed

We can only build a farming culture if we share the resources we have - knowledge and experiences are just as valuable as monetary resources. By sharing that time and knowledge with Kitchen Table Advisors, you are helping to rebuild a farming culture that benefits others. If you’re a farmer, a business person, a social media guru, give a little bit of your time!

The advice of a seasoned farmer speaks volumes in our line of work, and so we are incredibly lucky to have Alexis on our team of volunteers. Owner of Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, Alexis has more than a decade of hard-earned farming experience under her belt, and she is generous enough in spirit to share her knowledge with our clients. She came into farming with her family in the late 90s after deciding that a life closer to the land was what they needed. Soon after, they began turning their new home into a pastured poultry farm. Along the way, she figured out how to manage the land, create a viable business model, and build a sustainable and meaningful life for her family. As a volunteer for Kitchen Table Advisors, Alexis turns her real-life experiences into grounded and practical advice for our farmers, who are grappling with those same issues.

Alexis recently sat down with one of our clients, Paul Gowalski of Dinner Bell Farms, to chat about running a pastured poultry farm. She was struck by how much he was taking in - the hard truths interspersed with the positive aspects - and appreciated that he valued her experiences and her honesty. It is this, the gift of time and knowledge, that makes up a core component of our organization’s success, and the generosity of people like Alexis helps all of us build a stronger and healthier food system.

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