We cultivate rich relationships with farmers who share our values of sustainability, integrity, and respect for the land and its inhabitants. And we stand alongside them to celebrate their personal and professional successes.


Where the need is

Did you know that according to USDA research, only 1 out of 2 small farms survive beyond their first five years, and out of those, only 1 out of 4 survive after 15 years? There are many challenges facing farm entrepreneurs on their path to becoming viable and sustainable businesses.  

Some of the real challenges facing our farms include: difficulty in finding stable land to farm on due to the high cost of real estate and development pressure in the area, the lack of access to capital, and the obstacles presented by being first-generation farmers who may have never run a small business.

It is this unfamiliarity with the challenges of running a small business that often causes problems for aspiring farmers who may not have the right record-keeping systems in place, or access to the necessary knowledge and resources. Without a strong support network that can help address and alleviate these kinds of challenges, individual sustainable small farms face an uncertain future. 


How we help

Kitchen Table Advisors empowers farmers with the business tools, knowledge and resources they need for their farms to flourish.

We work with our farmers and provide personalized advising support to help them grow their business. Each of our farms has different needs. They range from strategic decisions like farm expansion, to determining direction for sales and marketing, to financial record-keeping. We tailor our one-on-one advising sessions to help them move forward in a practical and relevant way.

We help our farmers develop refined business plans, design record-keeping systems, as well as budgeting and cash flow projections. Through our rich network of volunteer farm advisors, we have also connected our farmers to savvy professionals who have provided expertise in human resources, accounting & finance, legal issues and sales, among many other things.    


Who we work with

We work with small farms in Northern California that are at an inflection point in their businesses. They are dedicated to building their farms into viable businesses and finding their own path towards making a living farming the land. 

Most of our farms have been producing for three to five years. Our farmers are at a point where they are comfortable with the production side, but need to be comfortable with the business side as they begin to make important strategic decisions that will affect the future of their farms.  

Our farmers believe in growing and raising high-quality and accessible produce, dairy and meats. It is equally important to each of our farms to be stewarding the land well as it is to be supporting the people who are working the land.

We are proud to be working with farmers who bring such integrity to their work, and strive to provide you and your families with the best possible products on the market.